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The Market Ticker
Commentary on The Capital Markets
The Bar
Chit-chat back and forth between members, etc - all fair game here.
For Sale / Wanted
For Sale and Wanted To Buy Items.
All-User Bulletins
Bulletins that all users must view at least once; enforced automatically by the system.
The Bilge
The Bilge. Where posts that are duplicates of something else, are repudiated by their author, or are otherwise simply too far gone for even "Off Topic" go. This forum can't be posted to, but the stupidity of the material that makes its way in here is left on display for readers to marvel at.
Check the forums to add or remove from the "New Post" custom forum list and click "Modify Custom New Post List." Those which are listed in the custom list are the only forums that will be included in the new post scan when you use the "CNew" button.