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Items listed here are for sale from my late mother's estate. Please pay attention to the following regarding all of them:
  • If it's still listed here, it's still for sale. Click the items for a description and picture(s).

  • All reasonable offers considered and likely accepted.

  • There is almost-certainly more than you see here available. Odd and interesting accent pieces including artwork on the walls are for sale as well.

  • All items are US cash, come-and-get-it only. No checks, credit cards, Paypal, Nigerian script or Zimbabwe dollars. No shipping. No exceptions. I DO have a hand truck (furniture can be heavy, you know) but if you're not up to being at least one normally-strong male in moving same bring one or more of those with you. Speaking of which bring a vehicle appropriate for taking whatever you're interested in with you.

  • You WILL get a bill of sale. Yes, this really is an estate's "stuff" being sold; this isn't someone's "garage sale." And yes, I really am the Personal Representative of the estate (you can look that up should you wish to verify; it's a public record.)

  • If you want to buy the actual HOUSE the Realtor information is on the sign out front. Maria @ MBA Realty will be happy to help you. No, I am NOT interested in all the various scam games people try to run when your name shows up in the legal notices as an estate representative, and you're the 50th person who's tried to run that crap on me -- thus far. I write all names of such persons down on my fresh targets that are used at the range on a weekly basis and consider it appropriately therapeutic.

  • You can EMAIL me at "". DO NOT SPAM THIS EMAIL BOX. If you do I will immediately and permanently block the source. The only LEGITIMATE use for that email address is to inquire about estate sale items and it will disappear when I'm done with this process.

  • If you don't get an immediate reply to an email it's because I'm sleeping, skiing, drinking beer or doing something even more-enjoyable. I WILL answer all legitimate emails with questions as soon as reasonably possible. Please be patient.


Winding it down.

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