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User Info Gatlinburg: "I WANT TO BE SUED" List in forum [TardRagsOfTn]
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This is for ALL the Ambulance Chasers: These firms displayed "no exceptions" signs.

This is explicitly illegal under the ADA. The Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits a business of "public accommodation" (a firm that sells goods or services to the public at large) from discriminating from any person on the basis of a disability.

Firms displaying signage or otherwise excluding persons who have an actual medical condition, which said customer may NOT be required to document or prove are subject to lawsuit for said illegal discrimination.

There are multiple common disabilities that preclude mask wearing, including but not limited to asthma, COPD, Emphysema, use of supplemental oxygen, PTSD and others. Firms that explicitly refuse to accommodate said persons and so advertise, yet are open to the public, may well be exposed to ruinous lawsuits.

This list is here to EXPLICITLY DOCUMENT said firm's statements, in public, that they not only intend to but are actively so-discriminating which, incidentally, even the Mayor of the County, screwed in the head as he is, has recognized. The owner of this site will be happy to provide upon request a sworn affidavit along with the original, unaltered "CR2" (Raw) file documenting said display with its date and time of capture to any attorney who files such a lawsuit against said firm(s).


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We'll see come JULY..

I've no more ****s to Give, because, It was a republic if you could keep it at all, We lost, RIP #Merica

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