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User Info HOW TO GET OFF (OR ON) THESE LISTS - READ THIS FIRST in forum [TardRagsOfTn] Item is pinned to the top of the forum
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You have the right as a business owner to be stupid.

I have the right as a private citizen to call you out.

Are you listed in one of these pictures and would prefer not to be?


I'm very interested in people KNOWINGLY CHOOSING to either patronize (or not) based on whether their beliefs align with yours (or NOT.) But like all reasonable people, I also understand that your attitude may change (especially toward elected officials who asked you to put bull**** signs up) and nobody wants to penalize a penitent person.

If you WANT to be on the VIRTUE list change your signage to comport with the statement that masks or other measures are AT THE CUSTOMER'S DISCRETION and/or that DISABILITIES ARE RESPECTED -- I'll come back within a few days, verify it, and make the change.

If you're on one of the "TARD" lists and would like to be removed REMOVE THE SIGNAGE OR CHANGE IT TO A REQUEST. You will note that I did NOT include any business that used the word PLEASE (there were MANY) or an indication that something is "appreciated" as opposed to REQUIRED. Nor did I include any firm that was SILENT (had no signage at all.) Again, contact me using the "EMAIL THE AKCS OWNER" link at the bottom and I will come verify the status change AND UPDATE AS IS APPROPRIATE.

Be aware: If you do this to get off the list and then put the signage back up you will get caught as I live here in the local area and further, I WILL accept reports from others that you did so, will come verify it, and will, if it is verified, create a special you're a deceptive ******* posting and document said deception with irrefutable proof, so don't even think about it.

Gatlinburg may be the first featured city in Tennessee with these lists... but if this does not stop you can bet it won't be the last. Have camera, have car, will travel and I consider this to be an enjoyable way to spend a day. Consider that fair warning.

If you have a user account on the system you can post a reply comment (with images for verification if you'd like) and it may be approved at my discretion.

PS: If you're thinking you can bully me, think again. SLAPP is a real thing, look it up. In 2019 Tennessee specifically expanded the right of people to exercise free speech and protect people against bull**** intended to shut people up exercising free speech rights and you, as a business owner, put your signage up facing a PUBLIC STREET from which it was photographed. I have all the original, time-stamped CR2 RAW files at MUCH higher resolution that displayed here. You cannot deny that which you ADVERTISE.

I don't give a flying **** if you're offended.

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Excellent. smiley
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