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2021 NY Resolution: Take your mask and shove it up your ass.
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User Info FRAUDCI Just Admitted I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG; entered at 2020-08-13 09:03:40
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All the way back to March.

I've pointed out the impossibly-low attack rates for Covid19 in forced-inoculation environments like Diamond Princess. EVERY SINGLE PERSON should have gotten that bug on the ship if everyone was susceptible.

That wasn't the only place. Ditto in Kirkland. And in virtually every other hospital and nursing home where it got into without negative-pressure isolation, of which there were basically none, and where **** was spread all over the place from fecally-incontinent patients.

Now, recently, in a summer camp in Georgia. Again, EVERY SINGLE PERSON should have gotten it immediately. They didn't.

Where did FRAUD****FACE admit it? Right here:
This month, researchers from the La Jolla Institute for Immunology in California found that the immune systems of 50 percent of subjects appeared to remember past exposure to other coronaviruses, which helped them fight off the new virus.

Now basic math takes over. Which you learned in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. With an R0 of 3 herd suppression is at 66%.

If 50% have pre-existing immunity WHAT IS THE REMAINDER? 16%.


Every single lockdown, every single mask order, every single business restriction, every sneezeguard, every capacity limits -- they're all frauds and always were. Every one of them. None have prevented a SINGLE infection. Not one.

Look at the states -- SC, AZ, FL, NY, NJ, now NC, TN, LA, go down the list.

Somewhere around 1.5-2% of the population who has had the bug, with 10 asymptomatic for every one tested and allegedly proved positive THE INFECTION RATE COLLAPSES.


It's over folks. A vaccine is both unnecessary and worthless.

Drop the constrains and "emergency" declarations *******s. All of them. Right now. I've been pointing this out for MONTHS and now the so-called "expert" has ADMITTED that what I pointed out HAD TO BE TRUE back in March is in fact true.

He lied, in short, and had no basis for his proclamations and neither did ANY of the so-called models. Every one of them -- IHME, Vanderbilt, Oxford, all of them were coded up from a known false base. Every single one of these **********s knew this and did it anyway. The FEAR PORN was intentional, it was malicious and there is exactly nobody that should get away with it, and not just individually either since we live in a post-Constitutional world. Since the Constitution was binned decades ago the principle of corruption of blood is not only fair we ought to make damn sure it applies. Every one of the bastards that went along with this and stoked it destroyed the economy, destroyed jobs and have materially pulled forward a fiscal catastrophe that is going to DESTROY Medicare within the next few years.

Basic math and epidemiology told us that this HAD TO BE TRUE in March. We did not know exactly why, but we knew what. That ****ing PACK OF FRAUDS including Fauci, Birx and the rest all knew good and ******ned well that this was true. The two papers published in NATURE, peer-reviewed, told us WHY. They all ignored THOSE too until the last few days. What, you were all too damned inbred to read too?

Cut the bull**** right now. Open the schools, no constraints, no masks, no bull****. Same with businesses. Take the bull**** "guards" and mask orders and shove them all up your asses until you can taste them. ANY of this crap that survives so much as 24 hours from this point IS BLATANT, INTENTIONAL FRAUD AND NOW THE SO-CALLED "EXPERT OF EXPERTS" HAS ADMITTED I WAS RIGHT ALL THE WAY BACK TO MARCH.

If you don't drop those constraints right here and now you deserve to be dragged out of your offices, Provost positions and boardrooms BY YOUR HAIR, stripped to your birthday suit and dumped in the middle of the nearest busy freeway by any red-blooded Americans who might remain in what used to be the greatest nation on Earth -- and a place where we actually bothered to READ and could make change for a $20 without a computer. I'll settle for the shoulder rather than dumping your ass in the road itself; I can't justify actually putting you in the middle of the road and having someone run you over as that might damage their car and you're all such degenerate, inbred pieces of **** that you're not worth it.


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