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2021 NY Resolution: Take your mask and shove it up your ass.
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User Info FRAUDCI Just Admitted I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG; entered at 2020-08-17 02:42:54
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I'll get banned for this, I am sure (dang, is this tinfoil?) but at this point, I no longer care.
"I can believe that the people on this forum have a superior ability to reason and gather data than the media (both social and mainstream), but it's difficult for me to even consider that "they" don't know the same things we do.

So... What? WHY?! I don't understand the point of this. If this is really just meme's gone wild... I'm scared. Really and truly. I think that's why I have this thing in the back of my mind that there is something more to this disease than we've been told. Because the alternate is so much more horrible."

There IS a lot more to this, as we all sense/know, in some way.
I can offer a number of possibles.
Things are NOT as they appear.
We have been in a quagmire, virtual quicksand, worldwide, economically, socially, politically, for a very long time, as we all agree.

Couple random points to consider.

Ventilators. This part has baffled me. President Trump had bragged so much about the making and distribution a bunch....yet he knows they are harmful to
the 'COVID' patient. Yet he continued to have them manufactured. Hmmm.
From someone who espoused HCQ early on, knows it works, and bided his time.
I find that indicative of either
1) knowledge of some other upcoming/intended assault on human lungs where ventilators will be helpful (on another point J Hoover/Collen points to stats that so much is likely H1N1....are vents good for that? Or is there something else in the wings?)
2) he is an ignorant ass, as many of you believe,(yet somehow has managed to make (near) peace in the middle east, N/S Korea, defied the MIC, withdrawn troops, etc., let alone shifted US support for NATO, NAFTA, endless regs, etc.(I shan't go on, but there is a ton of good stuff done by this guy, though he acts as a fool at times)....
3) We are totally screwed, and I CHOOSE not to go there, as we DO create our
realities, by how we so perceive, and thus function.
So so many are amazing people....who are the asses we hear about? Do you know them? Aren't most folks great? Only the ignorant that her the noise are the idiots we encounter, but everyone I know, is a good human. (some may not be so wise, or inquisitive, but all need not be there)

NOW, onto the other....
I sense we shifted timelines (yes, this all defies linear logic and all) a few years back) ....some say 2012, I tend to think around then or shortly thereafter.
We were headed for some real nasty stuff, which we all delved into extensively over the '07/'08 and after fiasco.
The world was screwed.
It was headed for (since it wasn't corrected then) a full out worldwide depression, and absolute WW3, mayhem, etc...
We had bombs flying from N Korea, riots and mass shootings regularly in the US,
massive stress amongst folks of all walks of life.
BO (Nobel Peace Prize winner extraordinaire) dropped over 26k bombs in his last year in office alone!!!!!

No bombs, peace between N/S Korea (at least temporarily)....New peace resolutions in ME.
ISIS....what's that? No beheadings? Wow!?
Economy was roaring (ok...I ain't Karl, and I know numbers are rigged, but it seems unemployment was down, food stamps as well, violence decreased, etc...), and China trade agreement, which would have shifted the free no cost shipping from Amazon/Ebay/China marketers?(via USPO) and allowed some US manufacturers to actually come back? We certainly can't have all that above, say the embedded parties that build their wealth off of the MIC, the cheap labor, the creation of
a perpetually struggling, ignorant populace!
Anyhow, something SHIFTED!
I reckon it is in the 'we don't yet grok it' part. Timelines? Parallels?
There are glitches, as so many (including all of us, but we were less invested in the 'old' timeline, if you will) were set on the other way of operation, the
'Hilary, 95% assured' win, path. Continued war. Continued slavery of the masses, international friction, Central Bank domination, etc...
Then something changed. Brexit (and before that Egypt) and then Trump, and on and on...
Populist movements worldwide, huge, and then...COVID. Oh dear!!!
F that all.
See the big picture.
We can change this world by our vibration, by the way we see each other, by quelling our anger, and allowing the amazing human essence to win.
We ARE doing it, but have to see with different eyes, NOT the straight linear
logic ones we have become so accustomed to using to keep us all at war!
That is what the 'old order' tries to feed on...divide and conquer.
Many of you here are far brighter than me in the fact and linear logic sense (actually, I let much of that slide when I saw so many cases w/patients defy the
stats, or the 'logic' or the learned path) and I appreciate still having access to the smarts here, but echo chambers are dangerous, (glad you allowed TinF back in, Karl) .
Ok...been rambling.
So, did I actually make any points?
See how it is? (and why I haven't posted in years?)

I shan't convince any of you here that things are actually going great, but they are.
People are good. We all, the world over, want the same...but for a few.
Let it into your hearts that miracles happen, that we shifted timelines, and now it is up to each of us to keep our vision on how we can see, feel, know that all is well.
It really is.
Make it so. You all have that power.
Nice knowing you all!
2020-08-17 02:42:54