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2021 NY Resolution: Take your mask and shove it up your ass.
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@Sloonie: I think Trump realized he wasn't going to get his message out, no matter how factual it was. So, he turned it around. The public didn't know ventilators didn't help much. The press was creaming and putting a microphone in Adolph Cuomo's face every day and every other Democrat governor, who was screaming for them and China wasn't giving them up. In the meantime, Trump did something he probably couldn't do at another time, establish medical equipment manufacturing back in the USA. After this fiasco, this is going to have to be a necessity, not to mention the rest of the world isn't done with this stuff.

The HCQ was a double-bind. The press poisoned the water. I have a niece that is a hospital nurse. Her message to the family is it doesn't work. Where are the liars and the crooks in the medical business in the USA? Recall the male nurse I play fantasy sports games with? He said there was nothing from the CDC for feces spread, so they spread **** all over the place. KD knew this in late January.

I'm going to tinfoil a little. I think there is a good possibility CV19 was done on purpose. Not by Trump, but by the elite. Gates was running his show in late October and Presto, here it came, almost immediately. The internationalists were losing their grip, as more and more countries in Europe were pulling away. They spent the last 100 years putting this international dictatorship together. Never doubt they had something like this in their bag.

Secondly, Trump is going to do something about the medical business. This is a guy who writes checks around the world. DC, including the bureaucracy, is in the pockets of the various industries that make up the business. Medicine is the method with which they have bent Americans over and forced much of the socialism we have on the population. No one can explain why a Japanese TV costs half in the USA what it costs i Japan, yet a CT-Scan is $100 in Japan, and if you go out side a hospital, they are $500 in the USA. Why is everything efficient in the USA, but medicine. This has been KD's main bitch the past 10 years. Throw in education and you have a massive cost levied on everything made in the USA. The chosen Fauci drug was headed to the scrap heap. Pelosi brought the articles the day the news came out on CV19. The entire Democrat strategy revolves around this disease. Who ****ed it up more than the Democrat states?

In any case, I came here to write about Sweden. Sweden has 5600 deaths, roughly 56 per 100,000. The USA is at about 50 per 100,000 right now. Texas is approaching 40 and compared to a lot of major states, it is a success, remaining somewhat open. Masks didn't help.

There are 2 questions here. If shutting down did almost nothing when compared to not shutting down, why are we shut down, threatened with masks. Sweden is showing the virus gets you whether you shut down or not. Secondly, why are there few deaths in Singapore compared to cases? The death rate in Singapore is .5 per 100,000, 1/100th of the USA. So, we have no lockdown with the same results one place and almost no deaths out of over 50,000 cases in another. One proves the strategy was wrong and the other indicates the treatments were wrong. Infection rate in Singapore is about 1% of the population, so they are a good part through the process. The USA, throwing out the NYC region, has results looking like Sweden, meaning the USA crashed the car instead of running the race. Was Cuomo's and other NE governors job to create deaths to frighten the country?

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