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User Info Drop Covid's R Value Below 1.0 Permanently Right NOW in forum [MaskHoles]
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A True American Patriot!
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Yes, we can.

Here's how:

1. The FDA is *ORDERED* to permit the OTC sale without tracking and in unlimited quantity by any purchaser chemical chromatography tests for Covid RNA with a price cap of no more than $3 each. They must be 95% specific or better; that's the only requirement. The Ct level at which they register positive must be on the exterior of the packaging. This technology already exists; it is the same technology used for $2 pregnancy tests sold at WalMart. They can be made by the millions within weeks.

2. The FDA is *ORDERED* to permit any customer to demand, "against medical advice", any drug, device or therapeutic approved for any indication, or any under investigation and all physicians shall issue a prescription for same upon customer demand, provided the end user of said drug, device or therapeutic is a mentally-competent person who has reached at least the age of 18 years. State medical and pharmacy boards are prohibited from preventing such scripts from being written or filled. Such an "AMA" designation shall be written on the prescription and shall absolve the drug or device maker, pharmacy and physician from any and all liability whatsoever for said use. This capacity does not override any federal, state or local law that is intended to or does operate to prevent diversion of supply to a third party for any purpose whatsoever. In other words no, you cannot use this to get your precursors to cook meth. Yes, you can use it to get Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine, but if you cack or severely harm yourself doing it that's YOUR problem and neither you or any of your relatives and others can sue. I can sign myself out of the hospital in such a circumstance right here and now no matter what some doctor says so **** you, if I want to take a drug because I believe it may help, I can. Period.

3. Business liability protection is extended for all "emergent" respiratory viral outbreaks including but not limited to Covid19 provided said business logs the temperatures of all employees at the beginning of each shift and no less often than once every 12 hours if a shift shall extend beyond that time, and is able to document that no employee was present in the facility with a temperature exceeding 100.0F. It is strongly recommended, but may not be required under any federal, state or local law, that said businesses perform said checks on customers when entering the building. Said protection preempts any state or local right to sue provided said business has any connection including supply or vending across state lines. This is explicitly Constitutional since the Constitution provides exclusive Federal jurisdiction over anything that is connected to Interstate Commerce. (Yes, I know, Wickard -- come talk to me when that's overturned. Until then that's the law whether that decision was bull**** or not. Use what you have especially against the lefty screamers who implemented it.)

That's it.

Why would this work? Simple.

1. There is zero scientific evidence that asymptomatic spread is of material consequence in this disease. That doesn't mean it can't happen -- I'm sure it can. It does, however, mean that until your Ct value is low enough to be symptomatic you are MUCH less likely to spread any virus. It's simply a math problem; viral replication typically has an exponent in the hundreds or even a thousand times per turn of the crank. If you are asymptomatic your viral load is MUCH lower than if not, and thus on a percentage basis you are expelling 1/100th, 1/1,000th or 1/100,000th as much virus! We are shooting at 80% of the problem, not 20% of it as we are now with so-called "mask orders" and quarantines or contact tracing aimed at people when we get a test back five days later. If you solve 80% of the transmissions then "R" collapses instantly to below replacement.

2. OTC and cheap tests will allow anyone who thinks they may be infected to so-confirm on their own, immediately, in the privacy of their own home or even their own car. I'll immediately buy 10 and stick them in my medicine cabinet and so will a whole lot of other people. If they're that cheap then if a friend feels like crap I'll just hand him one if he doesn't have it. If the test shows you ARE infected you (1) can immediately attempt to interdict the infection before viral replication gets out of hand and (2) know to self-isolate. Very few people will intentionally, on a leisure basis, go infect others if they KNOW they're infectious. Any delay in receiving results destroys both the capacity to interdict the infection AND the knowledge certain necessary for a competent adult to self-isolate. If 80% of the infectious people immediately self-isolate upon detection the R value will collapse instantly below 1.0 and it's over. If I know that I can choose whatever interdiction path I wish but if it's against medical advice it's my ass I now have a reason to test myself at the first hint that I might be sick because if I'm positive I now know the door is open to try to prevent a severe case. In short we get compliance and infectious people off the street by aligning their interests with that of the public instead of what we're doing now where we try to FORCE compliance via quarantine orders and demanding tests by employers, schools or whatever.

3. Businesses need certainty. But what is also certain is that lower-income service industry jobs are both where the highest risk is in terms of transmission, since such a person typically is exposed to dozens, hundreds or even thousands of others during a typical working shift and they are also at the lower end of the economic ladder and thus have the greatest incentive to go to work when sick, even when said employee knows they might be ill. The higher you go up the corporate and economic ladder the greater the chance you interact with few or no other people, and also the greater the chance you have no economic harm from staying home. We have to align incentives and #3 does so; if a business can prove it is not allowing any staff member in the building who has a fever they're immune from employee and customer lawsuits alleging transmission. We can't stop infections -- but we can stop the highest concentration of infection potential by once again aligning everyone's interests.

All three steps are intended to and will do one thing: Focus on 80% of the issue by aligning the interests of everyone in those situations so as to cut off that 80% of the viral transmissions.

Do that and "R" collapses immediately. You would see results within one week of implementation. The new case rate would drop to incidental transmission because 80% of the potential infectious have been interrupted.

This has not been done because exactly ZERO public officials -- federal, state or local -- want to see Covid brought under control. Instead they are scaring the living **** out of you on purpose so they can make hundreds of billions of dollars.

I don't give a flying **** if you're offended.

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A True American Patriot!
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Make it so.
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Incept: 2007-11-30
A True American Patriot!
The tadpole is gone due to CV-19. I am hunkering down.
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No one is listening.

The wanna-be-powers-that-be are getting off way too much by controlling us.

And there's a competition among them to see who can suck the most dick in this process.

(NOT the dick pic please.)

It is death which gives meaning to life.
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New York, by way of Montreal Canada.
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This is far too logical - politicians can't compute

Sick Boy nCoV!
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