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User Info Covid Vaccine Risk FACTS in forum [MaskHoles]
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Varicella vaccine deaths in 2020: ONE.

Covid-19 vaccine deaths over TWO MONTHS to the end of January: 453.

Risk of dying from Covid-19 and Chicken Pox if you are healthy for Covid-19 and a child for Chicken Pox are statistically identical (3/100,000 and 4/100,000, respectively.)

The Covid-19 vaccines are nearly three thousand times more-likely to kill you than the Chicken Pox vaccine AND the Covid-19 vaccine is not a one-shot so that risk is recurring where the Varicella risk is ONCE.

All data from CDC Wonder/VARES and CDC's Covid-19 "best guess" on CFR for non-morbid people.

I don't give a flying **** if you're offended.

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