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"The Constitution is hereby repealed by diktat of nine" - Roberts, 05-29-2020
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Herd immunity doesn't mean it stops. From my recall, New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Shreveport were the hotspots. Mardi Gras would have been a bomb. Shreveport is next to Bossier city, which is a big casino town and Baton Rouge, the next stop up the road from New Orleans. I have a few LA Black tenants. They are big family people.

If you look at the data, there was a huge ramp in testing starting June 21. Testing got as high as 40.26 per 10,000 on July 1. That would be 10% of the population in 25 days, which is almost the per capita sum for the entire time for Texas. If they are contact tracing, they may be finding a high percentage of cases. If they are running down people, there may be only 4 or 5 cases instead of 10. NY, on the other hand, was finding around 500 out of 40,000 tests. Cuomo is probably testing dying people to add to his politically motivated death count.
2020-07-21 19:56:48