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User Info Jesus Christ: It's a Fraud, And Now There's PROOF; entered at 2020-09-03 21:10:48
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So I helped my friend take her son to Oneonta NY to college last week. Everyone there is masked up , taking temperatures, he gets a nose swab test, told it will take 5 days for results etc then retest weekly. I'm thinking WTF cant it be done any better (they're making schekles on it) , its all BS anyway. I look around the town , its devastated, but everyone has hope...

FFWD to today, So theres 300 cases at the SUNY school there and the ASSHAT governor has closed the school. I ask how many active cases? Do I get an answer?

Well I hear her son is at his school (not SUNY) taking classes online in his dorm, stuck in a dorm room, a real dorm room concrete block 2 beds maybe 10x 17. Geeze I feel for her and this kid. By now he should be getting his weekly nose swab.

Did I mention the BLM painted at the entrance to the college.

Well what to do? Poor kid is being terrorized, its like WW2 he's 17 and he has been wanting this for a while, did it on a sports scholarship. His mom is a mess has a job and is working home out of her living room.

There was a Kipling poem in another thread today and a jpg image that reminded me of the Michael Douglas move where he's walking home through LA, well were here this is now and its a big fraud and the damage is everywhere. I know that I we are not the only ones done with this tyranny.

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2020-09-03 21:10:48