Those who are in the "business" of email marketing and similar and use any contact information found on this site OR IN ANY REGISTRY REQUIRED TO BE MAINTAINED such as domain records are hereby warned that ANY transmission of "spam", otherwise known as "UCE" or "UBE", to ANY address obtained or derived from this site or any such registry will be dealt with in the most-serious and severe means legally available to us.

This means that if there is a violation of the law involved in what you do, or a violation of a provider's policy, we WILL pursue it vigorously to the fullest extent available, including having your connection terminated or even having you criminally prosecuted on a personal level.

But even if not, there will be SEVERE consequences for spamming us. Among others I maintain a black-ball list of those who have sent such as I filter through my spam folder on a regular basis.

If you get on that list THERE IS NO WAY TO GET OFF IT and it is applied instantly and permanently not only to you PERSONALLY but also to every employee of your firm, all members of your family and any family members, including spouses, children, of any persons associated with, employed by, or working with the entity that spams us.

This means that in any venture I am involved in, present or future, nobody on that list will EVER be considered as a contractor, employee, customer or even someone who I will drink a beer with. Were I not of sound mind and body I might consider holding a BBQ with you as the main course or discovering the limits of human ingestion for a mid-sized wood chipper.

If you choose to spam anyway having read this notice it is my most-sincere wish that you be eaten by a shark, the dung produced consumed by an alligator and the remains struck by an asteroid -- and may your children, spouse and all other family members through your third cousins suffer the plague first and die horribly, THEN have the same happen to them.

Consider yourself fairly warned.